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Drive your business efficiently with Egaltrans’ fleet tracking solution and get real-time visibility of your vehicles.

Egaltrans Fleet Tracking System Standard

Stop Worrying, Start Tracking!

    Don't Just Track, Grow Your Fleet

    Get real-time location of your vehicles, anytime, anywhere

    Get customised alerts instantly, for everything important to you

    Know if your vehicles are on-track with continuous tracking data

    Keep customers happy by quickly responding transparent ETAs

    Increase your profits by identifying locations for cost savings

    Enable planned growth with smart insights

    Standard GPS Tracking

    Using compact and smart battery-powered GPS trackers, you can track your fleet’s location 24*7. Our trackers are easy to install and warrant long hardware life.

    Egaltrans Standard GPS Tracker
    EgalClub Fleet Frowth Platform - Fleet Tracking Dashboard

    Boost Vehicle Utilization with Real-Time Tracking

    Get insights into the utilization of your fleet and ways to boost it. With our solutions, you can get the real-time location of your vehicles and make sure they stay on track.

    Egaltrans Vehicle Tracking -Maintenance

    Reduce Maintenance Costs with Proactive Reports

    Save a lot in operational costs such as fuel, maintenance costs and get better control on bottom-line of your business with smart reports.

    Egaltrans Vehicle Tracking - Grow Business

    Grow Your Fleet Business using Actionable Insights

    What’s the point in tracking if you can’t grow your fleet! With Egaltrans’ vehicle tracking insights, easily plan the growth of your fleet and business.

    EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform - Fleet Growth Feature Showcase

    Why Egaltrans Fleet Tracking System?

    Get continuous data from each of your vehicles in your fleet including current location, route, stops, to plan your fleet movement efficiently. Provide better and reliable ETAs to customers.

    Use GPS data to optimise routes, reduce travel time, provide better ETAs to customers, reduce fuel consumption. Setup geofences to get alerted when your vehicles enter or exit a specific perimeter.

    Get alerts for over-speeding, harsh acceleration, sharp braking, idle time, and more. Analyse and recommend safe driving practices to your driver fleet.

    Monitor vehicle health by tracking factors such as engine health, mileage, and vehicle utilization patterns. Schedule proactive maintenance to reduce breakdowns and fleet downtime.

    Use integrated fuel sensors to accurately detect current fuel levels and fuel consumption to improve fuel efficiency of your fleet. Reduce wastage with quick alerts about refuel/drainage. Check our fuel monitoring system for more information.

    Stay connected to your fleet from miles away. Remotely access features such as anti-theft tracking, remote vehicle immobilization, and tamper alerts to enhance vehicle security and prevent unauthorized use.

    Egaltrans Fleet Tracking System supports world’s leading hardware for GPS based location tracking. With native and off-the-shelf integrations with standard and AIS 140 GPS tracking devices, Egaltrans enables communication with diverse protocols.

    EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform - Fleet Growth, Fleet Tracking, Fuel Monitoring Systems

    Tracking is the First Step Towards Growth

    Once you have smart tracking enabled for your fleet, our fleet growth platform starts giving you actionable insights to fuel business growth.

    What? Why? How?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is GPS fleet tracking system and how does it work?

    A GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system can help you locate, track and monitor your fleet of vehicles at all times real-time. A GPS device or unit that is attached to a vehicle (truck, bus or others) transmits the current location to the source using satellite communication. The GPS unit can detect and report data for hard braking, hard turning, over speeding and more, which can then be used to monitor your fleet.

    Can I plan routes with the tracking system?

    Yes. You can plan your routes with the Egaltrans GPS vehicle tracking system. Thus you can optimize the routes for your fleet.

    Is it possible to get alerts for route deviation or over speeding?

    Yes, you can configure and get alerts about route deviation, over speeding, idle time, dangerous terrains and more.

    How can I ensure driver safety using the fleet tracking system?

    Since you will have current location and other information about your vehicles, you can use this information to ensure your drivers are safe always.

    What would be the downtime of the GPS tracking system?

    We promise 100% uptime as long as you can ensure continuous power supply to the GPS device.

    Why should I use a fleet tracking system?

    Keeping track of your vehicle(s) when it’s out of your sight can ease off your worries of its safety. You can ensure safety of your drivers, prevent vehicle theft and unneeded losses to your valuable assets using a GPS vehicle tracking system.

    How accurate is the location given by tracking system?

    Egaltrans GPS Vehicle Tracking System is 100% accurate and reports precise information on your Egaltrans fleet management dashboard.

    How do I install the GPS tracking device?

    Our team helps you install the GPS tracking device and enables your fleet management dashboard to get data from your vehicles.

    How much does a GPS tracking system cost?

    Finding the right GPS vehicle tracking system solution for your fleet can be tough. Get in touch with one of our experts to get the cost of a vehicle tracking system for your fleet.

    Is it possible to hide the GPS tracker and can I get an alert if somebody tries to tamper with the GPS tracking device?

    Yes. You can definitely hide the GPS tracking device and also get alerts if somebody tries to tamper or disconnect the device.

    To get answers to more questions, contact us.

    Get More Than What You Invest!

    Egaltrans Tracking Solution will grow your business by providing you actionable insights and meaningful vehicle fleet tracking data.