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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Fleet Management Software

The best fleet management software is the one that allows tracking, managing, and maximising transport operations.  Despite the level of convenience the tool offers, it is not accepted and embraced by truckers in India. Studies show that hardly 5% of truckers have embraced the telematics system. The question is why are truckers hesitant to adapt to this new technology? Or, what exactly makes them uncomfortable about the telematics system?

Well, the primary reason is simply the fact that 80% of the truck market features small truck owners. They find fleet management quite overwhelming and inconvenient. So, there is a possibility that fleet managers may be unwilling while switching to fleet management systems primarily because of the new shift.

However, there are many reasons why truckers should consider using telematics for efficient fleet management. Here are a few of them:

Ease Of Use

However, it is worth noting that a vehicle fleet management application must offer intuitive enough. It must have a variety of features and must be configurable as per fleet.

Simple Implementation

One of the benefits of implementing an online fleet management software is the facility to start using the product immediately. However, it must provide live support along with other educational resources for guiding through implementation. Also, there should be enough resources to facilitate the onboarding process easily and extend feature-based training.


It is well understood now that a fleet is mobile, and hence the fleet management system should be the same. The use of outdated paper processes inhibits communication and hardly provides any clear insight in real-time. Collaboration using mobile apps and software in real-time can transform fleet efficiencies to a great extent. The application must allow remaining connected with drivers, mechanics, supervisors, and other key people. It must also allow the uploading of data accurately and instantly.


Every fleet is different and ranges considerably since it depends on whether the user is an individual truck owner or a transporting agent. Therefore, it is important that the fleet management function be scalable enough and should cover specific needs. The pay structure must be ‘pay for what you need’.

Integration Possibilities

Whether they use any fleet management services or not, most of the fleet relies on some technology these days. Although such tools are quite useful, it adds more value if such tools can be integrated with the truck fleet management application or software.


The success of any fleet, whether individual or transport agency, depends on numbers. Therefore, the software must have robust reporting facilities or options. It is crucial since it can considerably help to improve and analyze the business.

10 things to consider when buying a fleet management system

Expense Management

The fleet management system must be equipped with expense reporting tools so that a detailed report regarding the operational expenses is always at hand. The biggest advantage of such a facility is to keep track of over-spending and budget utilization.

Performance Metrics

Keeping track of the history of the fleet performance can provide a lot of information that can be helpful in the future. In addition, it helps to identify trends and patterns across assets correctly. Therefore, real-time performance metrics are a must for discovering areas of improvement.


Whether it is an individual firm or an agency, it is difficult to find time to type in data or even analyze it. Therefore, the only option left is the automation of the daily operations, including maintenance and inspections. In other words, the fleet management software must allow a streamlined process.

ROI (Return On Investment)

The management software must allow achieving ROI for the fleet as a whole. The system must help to save time and also address issues, especially those that reduce downtime.

Keep in mind that all fleet management applications are not the same. Hence, jot down the most crucial requirements first and then check which one fits the best.

Price of Telematics

The cost of telematics is considerably lower than the range of benefits it offers. The price of the device has dropped recently and they are now available for as low as INR 1800 – INR 2000. The benefits we have mentioned above are definitely much better than the negligible price of the device.


When to Buy a Fleet Management Software?

Fleet owners should have a fleet management system even if they have one truck, as enables them to provide the best service to their customers. Providing precise ETAs can help fleet owners develop healthy relationships with shippers.

Considering tracking being a critical requirement by fleet owners, they can invest in a fleet management system as soon as they start growing beyond 5 vehicles, as it becomes difficult to manage them on the phone.


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