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Skip the long queues at toll plazas. Pay your toll with FASTag to save time and earn cashback on all your toll payments.

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    6 Reasons You Should Use Egaltrans FASTag

    Save Time

    Avoid long queues on highway toll plaza and save your precious time

    Easy Payments

    Manage easy toll payments with hassle free processing

    Earn Cashback

    Earn upto 0.5%* cashback on all your toll payment made using FAS-Tag

    Save Fuel

    Non-stop movement of your vehicle will save you fuel costs

    Many Ways to Pay

    Pay via Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or Net Banking

    Link Insurance

    No need to carry insurance documents, link them to FAS-Tag

    What? Why? How?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is FASTag?

    FAS-Tag is an easy to use, rechargeable tag, with Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology,ย  that enables automatic deduction of toll charges when you pass through the toll plaza without stopping. It’s linked to a prepaid account that you can recharge and avoid cash payments and long queues.

    Are there any incentives of using FASTag?

    If you make your toll payments using FAS-Tag, you can get uptp 0.5% cash back which will be credited back in account linkedin with tag on a monthly basis.

    Do I have to use any specific lane at the toll plaza for FASTag?

    You will have to use the lanes demarcated for FAS-Tag. Only the lanes that have RFID scanners installed will accept your toll payments through FAS-Tag or else you can always make a cash payment.

    How do I recharge FASTag?

    If you buy FAS-Tag from us, all you will need to do is login to your account and recharge your FAS-Tag wallet through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or through Net Banking. You can recharge your FAS-Tag wallet upto INR 1,00,000 (INR One Lac Rupees Only).

    Why use FASTag?

    Using FAS-Tag you can avoid long queues at toll plazas and pass through quickly. Since it’s linked to your online account, you can track all your payments and get rid of cash transactions. It’s a perfect solution for hassle-free trips on national highways. FAS-Tag is operational at more than 240 toll plazas on state and national highways across India.

    On which roads/highways can I use FASTag?

    You can use FAS-Tag at 240+ toll plazas across State and National Highways. Here’s aย list of toll plazas currently integrated with FAS-Tag.

    How do I apply for FASTag?

    You can get FAS-Tag online, atย toll plaza POS locations,ย  banks or from us. When you are ready, just fill the form here and request a FAS-Tag, we will ship it to wherever you want. All you will need is to fill an application form and submit along with Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle(s) and passport sized photographs of vehicle owner(s), and KYC documents to your FAS-Tag provider.

    How long is the validity of a FASTag?

    Your FAS-Tag will have unlimited validity. It will work as long as a RFID scanner can read your FAS-Tag. Just in case it stops working, you can reach out to FAS-Tag provider to issue a new tag.

    To get answers to more questions, contact us.

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    FASTag is mandatory for all vehicles from Feb 15, 2021. Get your FASTag delivered to your home.