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Freight management solution that enables small and medium size truck fleet owners to control trips and boost business growth.

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    Grow Your Fleet with Freight Management Software

    Being a fleet owner, are you facing the uphill battle of managing freight? Now that’s not a problem anymore. Our cutting-edge freight management software tackles the biggest challenges head-on, ensuring smoother operations and maximum profitability.

    Idle Time Reduction

    Say goodbye to extensive idle time caused by unplanned trips. Optimize routes and schedules to minimize idle time and boost productivity.

    Effortless Pre-Booking

    With our platform pre-booking becomes a breeze. Plan and schedule trips in advance for smoother operations.

    Loading/Unloading Efficiency

    Tired of waiting at loading docks? With Egaltrans, track times, identify bottlenecks, and minimize delays.

    The ONE Complete Solution

    Egaltrans freight management solution enables truck owners to bid, book and track their fleet with high-quality profitable trips.

    Enable digital collaboration

    Take your freight management processes online and ditch excel sheets that doesn't help collaborate with other stakeholders.

    Manage RFP process

    Get control over RFP process by gaining end-to-end visibility into spot auctions and bidding for high-quality shipment contracts.

    Real-time shipment tracking

    Gain complete visibility into shipment location, can track real-time with accurate ETAs, and plan supply chain operations effectively.

    Advanced Freight Management System

    Get complete control of your freight operations, optimise fleet utilization to fuel your fleet’s growth. Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform solves complexities of your transport management processes and reduces fleet idle time.

    Simplified Trip Booking

    Simplify trip scheduling and management for your fleet. Book trips effortlessly, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers. Pre-book your fleet for available loads.

    Spot Auction & Bidding System

    Empower your pricing strategy with our transparent bidding system. Truck owners can competitively bid on available trips, enhancing competitiveness.

    Integrated Fleet Management

    Take charge of your fleet with comprehensive management tools. Monitor vehicle performance, track maintenance, and optimize routes to boost efficiency.

    Real-time Tracking

    Stay updated with real-time tracking features. Monitor trip progress, track vehicle locations, and receive instant updates for seamless operations.

    Why Egaltrans is For You,
    The Fleet Leaders

    Egaltrans software is designed to optimize every aspect of the freight management process from load planning, bidding for shipment proposals, delivery tracking and ensuring that your business skyrockets.


    Egaltrans’ user-friendly interface makes navigation through complex logistics processes, super easy.


    Grow your business with confidence, knowing that the software will scale to meet your evolving needs.


    Benefit from dedicated Egaltrans’ customer support, ensuring seamless integration and maximum satisfaction.


    Stay ahead of the competition with Egaltrans's commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancements.

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