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Run More Miles with Egaltrans Fuel Monitoring System

Get value of every drop of fuel for your fleet with a simple to use and accurate fuel monitoring system.

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Save Fuel, Avoid Unnecessary Loss!

    Make Every Drop of Fuel Count

    Accurate Monitoring

    Industry’s best technology powers the remote fuel monitoring capabilities of our solution.

    Avoid Fuel Wastage

    Save fuel by detecting sources of fuel wastage and implement necessary corrective actions.

    Easy Installation & Support

    Remove unnecessary headache with an easy to install equipment, and quick support.

    Fuel Mileage Decides Your Business' Mileage

    Using a fuel monitoring system, you decide when and where to refuel your vehicles. Having such control over fuel efficiency of your fleet powered by reliable and warranted hardware will bring peace to your mind.

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    Increase Fleet's Performance by Live Tracking Fuel Consumption

    Get live updates on fuel usage by your fleet and take immediate actions to correct driver behaviour in improving fuel consumption. Fuel your fleet’s growth with a strong control on bottomline.

    Reduce Fuel Wastage with Live Refuel/Drainage Alerts

    Keep a check on fuel wastage with all fleet fuel usage data on one screen. Prevent fuel surge and vehicle breakdown due to lack of fuel with continuous visibility into tank fuel levels.

    Reward Your Drivers for Responsible Behaviour

    Make your drivers a true partner in growing your business. Get handy driver performance reports to build your driver incentivisation programs and keep fleet mileage on the roofs. 

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    Why Egaltrans Fuel Monitoring System?

    Get continuous data from each of your vehicles in your fleet including fuel levels, consumption rate, and fuel efficiency. Remotely detect fuel surge or wastage with real-time fuel level tracking to take corrective actions.

    With integrated GPS tracking technology, you can guide your vehicles on the best routes based on historical fuel consumption. Send your vehicles on the shortest and healthy routes to keep your fuel costs in control.

    Along with fuel consumption and location, fuel monitoring solution also captures information about driving behaviour such as speeding, idling, harsh acceleration, and braking. Using this information, you can train your drivers to drive efficiently and save fuel.

    With smart analysis of fleet utilization and fuel consumption, you can set proactive maintenance of your fleet. Prompts and alerts about engine fatigue or issues in fuel system will definitely save you avoid costly breakdowns.

    Generate customised insightful reports on fuel consumption, driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, and more to optimise fleet operations and save fuel costs.

    Monitor your fleet’s environmental impact using measures and reports on carbon emission. With optimised fuel consumption, you can reduce your fleet’s impact to support sustainability efforts.

    Egaltrans Fuel Monitoring System supports world’s leading hardware for fuel monitoring. Best-in-class IP-69K fireproof capacitive sensor and easy to install technology that powers your fuel management strategy. PAN India installation available.

    How Does a Fuel Monitoring System Work?

    Coupled with a GPS tracking device, a fuel tank level sensor device or diesel sensor installed on the vehicle measures the fuel level on regular intervals. It transmits the data to a data server (cloud or on-prem) via satellite communication. Once data is available on the server, it can be shown to a fleet manager in various formats via mobile or web application. This system is sometimes also known as gps fuel monitoring system.

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    Fuel You Save Adds to Your Fleet's Growth

    Fuel makes more than half of your fleet’s operational cost. Using Egaltrans fleet growth platform, you’ll get insights into various ways you can optimise your fleet operations to save fuel along with offers and discounts at your nearest fuel station.

    What? Why? How?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is fuel tank monitoring system?

    A fuel monitoring system is designed to monitor and control fuel consumption within your fleet. It accurately measures and tracks fuel refills and how fuel is being dispensed. You can get usage reports and insights to optimise your fleet’s fuel consumption, reducing wastage by planning routes effectively.

    Why is fuel monitoring system important and will it save me money?

    The system gives you continuous visibility into fleet’s fuel efficiency. Our diesel monitoring system will save you 5-20% of your fuel consumption, by giving you smart actionable insights into your fleet’s fuel consumption and suggestions to improve. By tracking fuel utilization of your fleet, you not just get better control on operational costs, but can also effectively manage your driver force.

    What sensors are used in a fuel monitoring solution?

    A fuel monitoring solution comprises a combination of sensors. It typically includes a GPS sensor designed to be compatible with other sensor devices, often equipped with extra ports to accommodate input from various additional sensors. Additionally, a fuel sensor device, most used is a capacitive sensor, is installed within the vehicle’s fuel tank to provide regular fuel level readings. Depending on other specific tracking requirements, additional sensors can be incorporated into the fuel monitoring solution.

    What are the benefits of fuel monitoring?

    Apart from saving you extra money by reducing your fuel expenses, fuel monitoring has numerous other benefits to fleet owners and managers. First of all, it helps you improve your relationship with your drivers by teaching them driving skills to improve fuel consumption. It then helps you plan proactive maintenance of your vehicle’s engine and fuel distribution systems, preventing costly breakdowns and downtime. By tracking fuel consumption per vehicle, you can get your fleet’s total carbon footprint, then reducing it to impact the environment.

    Why should we prevent the wastage of fuel used for vehicles?

    Other than increasing profits for your fleet business, preventing wastage of fuel used for vehicles also creates a positive impact on the environment. If you do not prevent fuel wastage, it creates big impact on your fleet costs, especially when you have hundreds of vehicles in your fleet. It’s critical to keep a check on fuel usage and wastage, so you can keep a tight control.

    What’s unique in Egaltrans fuel monitoring solution?

    Egaltrans is a technology driven organization and we take pride in our cutting-edge super-safe totally reliable technological solutions. We put primary focus on simplicity and user-friendly experience of our fuel tracking module, making it the best solution for fleet owners and managers. Apart from this, our fuel monitoring system is powered by the most precise sensors and guarantees unprecedented accuracy.

    What is the price of your fuel monitoring system?

    Prices of the complete fuel monitoring solution consists of various components. A GPS device, a diesel fuel sensor device, and a software system to get data from your fleet. While diesel sensor price and GPS device price can vary based on the manufacturer of your choice, price of our software solution depends on your fleet size. Contact our sales team to get exact prices.

    Can you integrate with my current GPS device?

    Yes. Our solution can be integrated within your current GPS provider as long as your GPS device is compatible with our fuel sensors. We do have the REST APIs to integrate with various GPS providers that support fuel data integration.

    Will there be any downtime?

    We ensure zero downtime after sensors are activated on your fleet. You receive real-time fuel updates from your vehicles on your web and mobile applications.

    What kind of customer support do I get?

    We offer unmatched customer support and maintenance of our devices. To claim support you can contact us directly. To contact, visit: https://egaltrans.com/contact/

    What warranty do I get on the fuel sensor?

    If you chose to buy fuel sensors from us, we provide a warranty on our sensors and continuous maintenance support based on OEM’s warranty guidelines. It could vary between 2-10 years based on which manufacturer you select.

    Is there a trial version I can try before buying?

    We can always present you a demo of the platform and solution. To request a demo submit an inquiry above.

    To get answers to more questions, contact us.

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