First Technology-Led Growth Platform For Small & Midsize Truckers

Integrating freight, fleet, and finance management technologies for transportation businesses that want to grow faster, and sustainably.

Egaltrans Integrated Fleet Management Technology for Fleet Growth

You can't implement technology the right way โ€” and it's limiting your fleet growth.

More than 90% truck fleet owners own less than 10 trucks โ€” with limited resources and tough competition from large fleet owners, small & medium size fleet owners have their  growth locked up.

Growing fleet beyond 10 trucks is extremely hard โ€” fleet owners need to manage business restricted by financial constraints, overwhelmed by operations and fluctuations in market demand.

Scaling business without technology is even harder โ€” achieving operational efficiency with manual processes and data management makes it almost impossible to scale fleet business.

Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform for Truckers

Simplest way to grow fleet and automate operations

Growth-Seeking Fleet Owners use EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform to automate fleet operations and shift their focus to growing their fleet business.

EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform - Fleet Growth, Fleet Tracking, Fuel Monitoring Systems

Fleet Growth Platform

Fleet Tracking System

Fuel Monitoring System

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