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AIS 140 Standard for Streamlined Fleet Management

AIS 140 standard launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) together with the Automotive Research Institute of India (ARAI) has been brought to improve efficiency, quality, comfort and safety in all types of commercial transport in India. A set of conditions. Make sure public and private are included.

All public service vehicles, whether operated by government or private companies, must comply with AIS-140 standard.

  • City ​​public transport
  • Public transport between cities
  • Emergency Custody Transfer
  • Car and bus owners
  • Employee transport bus/taxi
  • Taxi service provider
  • School bus fleet.

The new regulation will benefit the automotive industry as it highlights his two mandatory requirements for GPS tracking devices: emergency call buttons and vehicle location tracking capabilities. Vehicle tracking helps law enforcement to control mobile assets, monitor a vehicle’s route, and query its location at any point in time. This allows you to regulate traffic and track vehicle times and schedules. AIS 140 standard has come at a time which has proved to be beneficial for the fleet management of big fleets.


Role of AIS 140 Standard in Fleet Management

Visibility is a key requirement in fleet management. In order to grow their fleets continuously, fleet managers must have good understanding of how their fleet operates. 

Fleet management systems provide real-time updates and insights such as fleet location, driver status, estimated arrival and delivery times, and more. The software also helps improve customer satisfaction by simplifying appointment and appointment reminders through notifications. It provides the ability to track driver behavior, process tolls and fines, and log all activity.

  • A fleet owner in charge of hundreds of trucks might not be able to know the location of each truck, here AIS 140 standard comes handy to make their work easier by knowing their exact location 24/7. This will be advantageous in terms of efficiency and productivity of the fleet.
  • In addition to vehicle tracking, the solution provides insight into vehicle health, including other parameters such as fuel monitoring, driver behavioral data, and more. It can be a great tool for integrating multiple aspects of fleet operations such as driver performance, cost-benefit analysis, etc.
  • Ensuring safety of drivers in today’s uncertain world becomes another hassle if fleet managers do not have tools to implement safety standards. AIS 140 standard enforces tracking devices to be mounted with a SOS button that can be used by drivers to raise requests for emergency support.
  • Provide business owners with 24/7 transparency and reliable data for decision making and streamlined operations.

We can say that AIS 140 standard is the future of tracking and is proving to be the most valuable  asset for the transportation industry. It is among the best revolutionising tool for fleet management with features like GPS tracking, alert buttons etc.


Egaltrans AIS 140 GPS Solutions in India



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