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Streamline your fleet, finance, and freight data to automate mundane tasks and keep sharp focus on growth of your business.

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    Grow Your Fleet Business From Anywhere

    Stay connected to your fleet even though you are miles apart. Focus your energy on growing your fleet rather than getting lost in stressful fleet operations.

    Shift Your Focus with a Growth Oriented Solution

    Fleet growth can be fueled by the intelligence derived from people, technology and data. Fleet managers, drivers, vendors and more can work together on a simple-to-use platform.

    Insights to Keep Your Fleet on the Right Track

    To keep your fleet’s utilization up, improving driver performance, track expenses, book high-quality trips; EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform continuously provides you meaningful insights. 

    Why Use Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform?

    Book High-Paying Loads

    Get daily loads matching with your requirements. Book from hundreds of high-paying loads that you find profitable for your fleet.

    Simple Way to Manage Fleet

    Keep an eye on how your fleet moves and give your fleet the best care it needs. Boost fleet’s performance by 30-50%.

    Earn More to Grow Your Fleet

    On Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform, your fleet makes more profit per km. Work with reliable shippers who provide payment guarantee.

    Modern Fleet Management System

    Get your fleet data in one place and make quick decisions to give your fleet the care it deserves.

    GPS Location Tracking

    Drive your business efficiently with our vehicle tracking solutions and get real-time visibility of your fleet. Keep a tab of your costs per KM and optimise your fleet’s performance.

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    Fuel Monitoring

    Get value of every drop of fuel for your fleet with a simple-to-use, accurate and automated fuel monitoring solution. Get recommendations to drastically reduce fuel costs.

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    Online Toll Payments

    Skip the long queues at toll booth and keep your fleet on the fastrack. Recharge Toll Tags online. Plan better routes for cost-optimization.

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    24*7 Fleet Care

    Proactive maintenance for a healthy fleet with smart and customised inspection lists. Get alerts for licence, insurance renewals and more to stay compliant with regulations.

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    Finance Management

    Operate a financially healthy business with all your transactions logged in one place and quick access to insightful reports.

    Track Your Business Profit and Loss

    All your transactions and team’s finances maintained in one place. Get profit loss statements instantly.

    Settle Payments Hassle-free

    Receive payments from customers, pay your staff using the easy payments options.

    Stay Compliant with Regulations

    Keep your financial books organised and achieve compliance with internal and external regulations.

    Freight Management

    Keep your fleet always on the road. Achieve zero* idle time with predictions of return loads. Manage customers, trips, and more, in one place.

    Get Unlimited Quality Trips

    We don’t just blindly recommend you any trips, we vet the quality of each trip and its impact on the health of your fleet and business.

    Browse, Bid, Book Trips

    Fastest way to book trips for your fleet. Get a trip within an hour your trucks become available. 

    Simple Live Fleet Tracking

    Get real time location of your fleet. Share precise ETAs with your customers and build greater trust.

    Fleet Growth Platform for Truck Owners with an Integrated Approach

    Your business can only grow when you can look at various parts of fleet information, in an organised manner, and it should make sense. If it doesn’t, change your approach now.

    EgalClub Fleet Growth Platform - Fleet Growth, Fleet Tracking, Fuel Monitoring Systems

    Growth Analytics

    We analyse every bit of information we collect from your fleet. We keep our eyes on everything, be it routes, fuel economy or anything else that can impact your business.

    Useful Reports & Alerts

    Get reports & alerts for what’s most important for your business. Live location, due maintenance, document renewal and more alerts to keep your business on track and run smoothly.

    Personalised Support

    We just don’t say it, we stay awake even in odd hours to serve our customers, personally. You can test us! To win your confidence on our service, we also provide simple and useful resources.

    What? Why? How?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is fleet growth?

    Fleet growth is the process designed to monitor and control your fleet’s performance. In this process, you need a system to capture various data from assets in your fleet and then organise it to gain insights and make decisions to monitor and improve performance, and fuel growth of fleet business.

    Why should I use a Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform?

    Egaltrans is a technology driven organization and we take pride in our cutting-edge super-safe totally reliable technological solutions. Our fleet management system is powered by the most precise sensors, advanced data science and guarantees unprecedented accuracy.

    How do I select the best fleet growth platform?

    The fleet management system you choose should be simple, automated, insight driven and should provide you flexibility. We did a research to list the features a good fleet management system should have, you may read it here.

    Can I my current GPS device with your solution?

    Yes, you can integrate your existing GPS provider with Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform as long as your GPS device is compatible with our sensors. We can do a quick evaluation and confirm if we support your existing vendor.

    What can I do by using a fleet growth platform?

    Starting from logging your trip details, you can store various parts of your fleet data, such as route, fuel, maintenance, finance, driver, documents, vehicle utilization and more based on what your fleet management system offers. You can then analyse this data to make the right decisions for your business. Some fleet management systems also offer automation so you don’t have to keep entering data manually.

    Can I reduce fuel consumption by using fleet growth platform?

    Yes. Once you have your fuel data integrated with Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform, you can analyse your fleet’s fuel consumption, mileage, wastage and get alerts to save fuel. Using Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform, fleet owners save between 5-20% on fuel consumption.

    Will it save me money?

    The sole purpose of building Egaltrans Fleet Growth Platform was to save you money. Our customers save between 30-50% and these savings fuel your fleet’s growth.

    Is there a trial version I can try before buying?

    We can always present you a demo of the platform and solution. To request a demo submit an inquiry above.

    To get answers to more questions, contact us.

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