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Journey on Wheels: Bollywood Movies That Illuminate the Lifestyle of Truck Drivers

Bollywood, the vibrant and flamboyant Indian film industry, has a rich tapestry of movies that delve into various aspects of life and society. Among its diverse genres, some films have captured the essence of the truck driver’s lifestyle, depicting their struggles, triumphs, and the remarkable journeys they undertake on the roads less traveled. Through captivating narratives, melodious songs, and compelling performances, Bollywood has shed light on the lives of these unsung heroes. In this article, we explore a selection of Bollywood movies that showcase the captivating lifestyle of a truck driver.


“Gaddar: Ek Prem Katha” (2001)

Set against the backdrop of the 1999 Kargil War, “Gaddar: Ek Prem Katha” explores the life of Tara Singh, portrayed by Sunny Deol, who is a truck driver by profession. This action-packed film presents the struggles faced by truck drivers during times of conflict and how their lives intertwine with the socio-political fabric of the nation. The movie highlights the dedication and sacrifices made by truck drivers while underscoring their contribution to the country and how the job of a truck driver can be physically demanding, with long hours and limited rest.


“Sultan” (2016)

Starring Salman Khan in the titular role, “Sultan” showcases the inspiring journey of a wrestler but also features an important subplot involving a truck driver. Sultan’s friend Govind, played by Anant Vidhaat Sharma, is a truck driver who supports him throughout his transformation. Through Govind’s character, the film offers a glimpse into the camaraderie and support system that exists among truck drivers, demonstrating the bond forged on long journeys.


“Highway” (2014)

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, “Highway” takes audiences on a transformative journey when the paths of a young woman, Veera, played by Alia Bhatt, and a truck driver, Mahabir, portrayed by Randeep Hooda, intersect. The film captures the essence of life on the road, as Veera and Mahabir traverse different landscapes, forging a unique bond. “Highway” provides a poignant portrayal of the truck driver’s life, exploring their experiences, solitude, and the roads they call home. During their journey, Veera and her abductors make stops at various truck stops and dhabas (roadside eateries). These locations often serve as meeting points for truck drivers, where they take breaks, refresh themselves, and engage in conversations with fellow truckers. These interactions reflect the sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among truck drivers. The film also highlights the emotional connection between truck drivers and their vehicles. It portrays how truck drivers treat their trucks as their constant companions and sources of livelihood.


“Dharti” (2011)

“Dharti” is a film released in 2011 that revolves around the life of a truck driver named Gurtej (played by Jimmy Sheirgill). The movie provides insights into the challenges and experiences faced by truck drivers in Punjab and touches upon broader themes of corruption, drug trafficking, and political influences. The film showcases professional challenges in the life of truck drivers by depicting the arduous and demanding nature of the trucking profession. It showcases the long hours spent on the road, dealing with traffic, navigating difficult terrains, and meeting delivery deadlines. The physical strain and risks associated with the job, including accidents and encounters with criminals, are portrayed. “Dharti” explores the personal life of Gurtej and his relationships. It highlights the struggles of maintaining strong family ties while being away from home for extended periods. The film delves into the dynamics between Gurtej and his family, showcasing the sacrifices made and the emotional toll his profession takes on his loved ones.


“Meel Patthar” (2021)

The main character of the movie is Ghalib, a middle-aged, recently bereaved truck driver who is the only one in his company to have driven 500,000 kilometers. However, the achievement also carries the risk that he could lose his position to Pash, a more recent hire. The film portrays how the truck means everything to Ghalib and the road, his only companion. It depicts the magnificent tale about India, a country with an extremely young population that finds itself in confrontation with the elder generation, locked as it is inside the exclusive realm of the North Indian trucking community.The life on the road is beautifully captured and the cinematography succeeds in capturing the true emotion of loneliness, insecurity.


Bollywood has used its creative prowess to bring to the forefront the fascinating lifestyle of truck drivers through various movies. These films have not only entertained audiences but also shed light on the trials and tribulations faced by these individuals who traverse vast distances, carrying the nation’s goods on their shoulders. Through these stories, Bollywood has celebrated the resilience, dedication, and humanity of truck drivers, emphasizing their significant contribution to society. While this list highlights a few notable films, Bollywood’s catalog includes numerous other movies that beautifully capture the truck driver’s way of life. These cinematic depictions serve as a reminder of the untold stories and the vibrant tapestry of experiences woven by these unsung heroes on the roads of India.

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