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EgalClub Truck Show 2022 – Heart of an Indian Trucker

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Be it the shoe hung on the back of their truck, the quirky quotes that make us laugh, the colourful ribbons tied on the front or the creative art on the sides, Indian truckers are known for their mad love for their trucks. Just like a homemaker would tidy up parts of their home to make it stand out, truckers like to show off their trucks. After all, they live a major part of their life in trucks. EgalClub Truck Show 2022 was an attempt to highlight the pride that Indian truckers have in their trucking profession.

One could easily experience various cultures of India by just standing on side of the highway and looking at the trucks. Among all the hardships they go through to move nation’s freight, truckers keep their hearts pumping passion for trucking.

EgalClub Truck Show is an initiative for truckers to rejoice their passion and show off their beautiful trucks to everybody.


EgalClub Truck Show 2022 Highlights

Here are a few of the amazing truckers who participated in Egal Club Truck Show 2022:



With that, we look forward to next year’s show and expect more truckers to come and share their passion with us in EgalClub Truck Show 2023.


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