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Marketing Associate

Job Summary

We are looking for a marketing associate who will help us plan and execute marketing and advertising activities, both digital (Monday-Thursday) and on-field (Friday & Saturday). Phone and petrol allowances will be provided. You’ll work along with other team members to progress towards mutually identified goals of brand development and marketing. The ideal candidate for this role would have decent hold on using tools such as Microsoft excel, google sheets, google forms, and should be able to handle social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram).

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Conduct market research and support the executive team in identifying channels for user acquisition and helping acquire users through various digital and on-field marketing activities for Egaltrans’ products/services.
  2. Build Egaltrans’s outreach on digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads, Yellow Pages, and all that’s relevant to us.
  3. Helping run social media accounts and post regular updates on relevant WhatsApp and Facebook groups.
  4. Create on-field marketing opportunities and execute them to success.
  5. Constantly monitor the performance of every platform and deliver results based on our mutually identified goals.
  6. Think and grow with us.

Role: Intern/Part-Time
Language: Hindi and English (Any other languages are a bonus)


  • Bachelor’s degree or Undergraduates in marketing, business, or related fields preferred.
  • Good communication (English and Hindi, any other local languages would be a bonus skill)
  • Excellent people skills and open to collaboration, be able to make an impact on others



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About Egaltrans

Egaltrans (Egalclub Solutions Private Limited) was founded with a simple yet zealous purpose: -To enable respectable growth for truckers, while on a journey to eliminate wrong stereotypes and social perceptions haunting them.

For ages, the trucking industry has been facing a lot of operational blockages and issues that are restricting the growth of truck owners, drivers and hence shippers. Driver shortage, poor infrastructure, the safety of drivers and trucks, improper implementation of technology solutions and fluctuating operational costs collectively make it nearly impossible for small and medium transportation companies to survive and grow. We handpick minor problems that could unlock growth potential and work closely with our customers and partners to create an impactful change. We’re building next-generation logistics solutions to enable exponential growth for all stakeholders in the logistics industry.

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